Balancing a complex day-to-day schedule can be a pretty hefty task. Trying to squeeze in cooking great food for a party can be nearly impossible.

Le Gusto comes to the rescue: we will prepare and cook the meal in our kitchens and and deliver it to your front door. No stress, no mess for you.

le Gusto
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Organizing a party? Entertaining a house full of guests? Le gusto is please to offer its catering services for any special occasion.

All the items on the menu can be mixed and matched, prepared, delivered and even served if you wish. We are very flexible and would be glad to take special food requests from the customer and will do our best to satisfy you. The price always depend on the number of portions ordered.

During the spring and summer seasons, we also do on-site charcoal BBQs which include the meat of your choice: beef, chicken or fish with our own chimi-churri sauce.

Something not to be missed is the vegetarian BBQ, which can be prepared as a whole or a complement to the regular BBQs.

The following are some menus from our catering service that have been unanimously accepted and enjoyed:

A multicolour salad (all the fresh greens available in our own Italian dressing and Lasagna (vegetarian, beef or seafood)

Carrot soup followed by Hungarian Goulash with rice or potatoes and lots of vegetables

A fresh Taboulé salad and a Paella with real Saffran and lots of seafood, chicken and fish

A wide variety of salads ( potato, carrot, chick peas, seafood...) served with a South American BBQ on Charcoal with our own chimichurri sauce (everything goes in any combination: beef, fish, chicken, even vegetarian.....)